Sailing Croatia

MedSailor boats docking in at Hvar

MedSailor boats docking in at Hvar

Last week I kicked off my 60 days backpacking Europe trip with a week of sailing in Croatia. Sailing in Croatia has become very popular with young European travellers. Most of my travel friends have done it, and recommended it. The simple idea of swim, tan, party and repeat could not go wrong.

A friend has recommended MedSailors from his experience last summer. Bri, Sarah and I decide to go with MedSailors as the trip travels in a relaxed pace, with a small crew of 8-9 people, it focuses on sailing, exploring rather than partying and drinking everyday.




Day3-Havr 8

Vis Town

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe went on the Discovery Route: Split – Split, stopped on six enchanting islands and many hidden bays en route for swim stops. The trip was one of the best trips I have done, a perfect combination of relaxation and discovery.

Each morning we wake up when the sun is shinning, our skipper Petras is an early bird who is always keen to sail early so we have enough time for a swim stop before our destination. Sometimes he takes us to hidden caves for cliff jumping, sometimes it’s paddle boarding on the turquoise water. We usually spend the afternoon exploring the island or beach hopping, later in the evening we would join up with the other MedSailor boats for dinner, wine tasting, then go out for drinks. When other sail companies such as Yacht Week, Busabout, Sailing hr…etc docking in the same port, we would all have a big party.

We are lucky to have Petras as our skipper, being Italian he prepares the best meals. Each morning we wake up to a splendid breakfast, before we even burn off our food we are being served a large lunch, usually consists of a main dish such as tuna pasta, sausages or salami etc. served with a healthy greek style salad with helps to maintain our bikini body.

Most of the MedSailor guests were dominated by Kiwis, then Australians. On our boat we had 3 Aussie girls and 4 Kiwi girls. Lana (kiwi living in UK) and Jenny (Aussie studying in Belgium) were solo travellers, so they have become a close group with us throughout the trip.

Highlights of the trip:

Hiring a PURPLE convertible VW Beetle and cruising around Vis.

VW Beetle in Vis

VW Beetle

Wine tasting in Stari Grad watching the sunset

Wine Tasting in Stari Grad

Daily swim stops in the azure Adriatic Sea

Paddle Boarding in Sesula


Partying in Hvar Island

Day3-Havr 6

Day3-Havr 9

Overall I’d recommend MedSailor, I am considering doing Sail Turkey with them again later on. It was the perfect summer sailing trip we had hoped for, the perfect combination of relaxation and exploring with a mellow crowd. The price of the trip was about €500 +60(port tax) for 7 days, which includes breakfast and lunch, most of the excursion and dinner were cheap compare to other European holiday destinations.